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Fighting with fatigue

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Hey everybody!

First of all sorry I needed to take a little break but it has to be expected when you run a blog with chronic illnesses! Also I had my PIP assessment which is to see if I qualify for a benefit here in the UK and the stress and worry from that has not helped!

However, here I am half asleep and frankly p***ed off!!! My fatigue has flared and I honestly feel like I am trapped inside my body! I try to keep up with my housework and to do things that make me feel human, like shower and wash my face and get dressed, but it is a constant battle! I wake up every morning after sleeping like the dead feeling just as tired as the night before and yet I have things I need to do on that day!

I find myself feeling so guilty when my husband is at work and I am just lying about doing nothing but staring into space. I wonder if he would be happier without me and if I am just a useless lump. Then I have to try and shake off the depression and try not to do an impression of Eeyore so I can hopefully pull myself out of this slump and get things done.

I wish I could say this will be a useful and positive post but honestly I am just fed up! I have things I want to get done, like my yoga practice and bible study and a little housework just like I could before and yet I feel so tired and my body feels so heavy I can barely think straight no matter get jobs done!

So instead of giving out tips and tricks of how I deal with things I am reaching out to the chronic illness community and asking for tips? Do you suffer with fatigue and if you do how do you make sure that jobs and goals do not just pile up while you nap? Leave me some comments here or on social media links are around let me know please? I need something to help before I go mad!

Namaste xxx

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  • Carole Griffitts

    My main issue is fatiguability, not fatigue per se, so don’t know if this will help. My first line of defense is being careful about activities I choose to do. (Doesn’t always work.) I spend half (or more) of my day reclining in my recliner, reading, watching TV, limited work on laptop, talking, etc. If I do that right, I’m able to be up 1-2 hrs, usually at my computer or doing very light housework, some cooking, laundry–that’s about it. I’m blessed to be able to do ADL. I go to Church and occasional shopping. And lots of medical stuff. I’ve been this way 40 years, getting more limited as time goes by. Anyway, I’ve had to learn to let others do what I can’t. That really hurts sometimes. We’ve had to pay for some housecleaning. Friends and family help when they can. I’ve had to learn to turn a blind eye to what I can’t do. My husband–he’s great–has had to do much of the housework thru the years. I’ve had to learn to be happy with what I have and ignore what I don’t. It hurts to not be able to do things with kids and grandkids. But life is what it is. God has given me incredible strength to survive and thrive, even. Blessings to you. Don’t give up.

  • Lee Good

    Severe fatigue is I think one of the worst symptoms of Fibromyalgia and apparently 4 out of 5 people with Fibro get it. I know I do.
    Studies seem to be finding out more about what’s happening in the brain that causes the pain but not what’s behind fibro fatigue.
    I know when I have it bad sleep and the bed is about it. Yes I get the guilt you describe but I try to go easy on myself and set tiny goals. Forget the housework (doing a load of washing seems like a legistical nightmare) I just try to keep the kitchen clear. Forget cooking dinner. Go easy on yourself and set a simple goal like drink more water or eat a healthy snack. Often the last thing you can do is think about solutions but here is a link to Donna Gregory’s 23 Clinically Proven Ways To Fight Fibro Fatigue Best wishes and gentle hugs to you Beverley

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