Should witches use bought spellbooks?

When I started becoming more focused and interested in witchcraft, I also started collecting books on the subject. There are a lot of spellbooks on the market that include spells for anything from money to love. But I started to wonder should witches use bought spellbooks?

should witches use bought spellbooks?
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Spellbooks are easy to find:

A quick google search for witch spells will lead you down a rabbit hole of places to find spells. From published books, to printable grimoire pages there is everything right out there online. Though I am very thankful to live in this online world, I love having a physical book to read and look through,

I have found so many books on my travels and have often been surprised at just how easy they are to find. I thought witchcraft was something hidden away, off the beaten path and done in secret. However, we live in a world of witches on YouTube and blogging, people have the ability to learn so much more easily now and that is an incredible gift!

A spell scan be any combination of words, actions and thoughts combined with a purposeful intention to alter a situation by introducing new energy or manipulating the existing energy.

– source The witchcraft way

If this is true, and a spell is any combination of these things, then it would suggest that anyone can perform any spell? So why would anyone bother making their own spell when they can just look one up on the internet or in a book?

Should witches use bought spellbooks?

When I read through a spellbook, it is in order to learn, I use them like a textbook showing me how a spell is built. From them I learn the building blocks of a spell, the things that are needed. Though every author has their own style or way of making spells, there are certain things that always ring true no matter what the spell is you make.

These rules or guides can be found in many places, all you have to do is good spells for beginners! But by reading books on the subjects you are interested in and want to learn from you can start to find the things that they have in common.

The first thing you should know is that a spell that works for a Witch won’t necessarily work for another Witch. We all have different patterns of desires, thoughts, and behaviors, so casting spells that work is really a process of self-discovery. You will only find out what works for you after countless rituals and spells. Don’t give up!

-Source spells8.com

If we take these books as inspiration, then you may just find that you can easily change things to include the things you own. You can add steps, take things out you do not agree with or go against your faith. Make it yours and you will find much more power in the spell you are trying to perform. This in turn will lead to more success and you will gain your confidence more quickly.

I have done spells copying others before, the first spell I ever did was a spell to let go of an old friend who had hurt me. I cannot remember where I got it, but honestly it did not go too well and I still think about them often. The next time I tried, I followed my intuition and oh it made such a difference! I came away feeling much lighter and could actually forgive the person.

Witchcraft is a personal journey, it doesn’t matter what kind of witch you are, or what religion if any. What matters is that you understand the fundamentals and take the time to build a strong foundation.

The foundations of a good spell:

  • Be mindful – Yes it even comes into spellwork! Mindfulness here means being aware of how you are feeling, how your body is, where your mind is, how your energy levels are. There is so much that goes into creating magic but your energy is the most important ingredient so make sure you are in the right frame of mind.
  • Cast a circleProtection is so important when doing any magic! Making sure you are protected with a good circle and that you are grounded will make all the difference. You are dealing with things that we cannot ever fully understand, being protected and safe should be your priority.
  • Correspondences – Everything has meaning, every herb, every crystal, every colour. In fact, every single ingredient in your spell has a meaning behind it so choosing your spell ingredients should be done very carefully. Research everything you are choosing to use and make sure its magical uses align with what you are trying to manifest.
  • Watch the moon – Yes even the phase the moon is in is important! If you are wanting to bring something new into your life for example you will want to cast the spell on a new moon. There are many ways to know this, there are mobile apps, calendars and diarys that tell you which phase you are in.
  • Visualisation – Lastly the best thing we have is our ability to imagine, to put out into the universe exactly what we want to manifest. Visualisation can be hard for a lot of us, especially now that we are so visual and have entertainment at our fingertips. I use the Insight Timer app to make sure I can practice through guided meditations.

Personally, I feel that using a spell I have made myself is a lot more reliable and powerful than one from a book. But I would love to hear what you think? Let me know in the comments should witches use bought spellbooks or should we be making our own spells?

Namaste xxx

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