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A new daily routine

A new daily routine
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So, as you know if you are a regular reader of my blog, we got a new dog his name is Dexter and he is a 5year old shih tzu. We have had him a couple of weeks now and he has really settled in well just becoming a part of the family and we love him. However, he is a higher energy dog than Gizmo ever was even as a puppy and I’m trying to work out a new daily routine.

Lee is now back at work, so I am with the dogs most of the time on my own they both seem to be battling for my attention at the moment. I am trying my best to walk them every day and spend time playing with them and helping them but along with my you tube channel, this blog and my chronic illnesses it can be hard.

I am trying to wake up early say about 7 and be out of bed by 8, go and feed the dogs and then have my breakfast. Then take them out for a short walk it is a time for me to either practice mindfulness and take in the nature around us or pray using this as part of my time with God is lovely. After that I rest and meditate pull a tarot card and a rune for the day before doing a little housework and then some lunch and another rest. After that I wash up and then come on here to either do a blog post or edit a video or even play the Sims! By the time that is done Lee is home we do dinner together and then shower and go to bed.

It is a simple life I lead, and I am extremely thankful for that, but the dogs have bought so much joy into my life. I love getting out for a walk and playing with them as well as it being good for them it is going to help my mental health and help my anxiety and my physical health. It is forcing me to be more active and yes that means more pain and it is not easy I am already seeing the benefits.

I still find my fatigue is a battle, yesterday I woke up exhausted and actually spent much of the afternoon asleep on the sofa. I started to feel guilt and to worry about how Dexter would cope and if they would fight or anything like that.

Thankfully they were both fine, we all snoozed on the sofa and watched TV and rested I was judging myself far too harshly. Instead after some reflection I realised how much I have managed to do, and I feel proud of myself. Since Dexter moved in, I have been feeding them both, walking them most days, and managing to do dinner and a little housework.

It is not easy, and I love getting into bed at the end of the day, but I’m managing and from it I’m starting to work out a new daily routine. I’m sleeping better, I’m more active because I’m resting between things and pacing, and overall, I’m building my own confidence and my depression is lifting. I’m so thankful Dexter has bought so much to our lives and it’s incredible to see his personality shine through.

Namaste xxx

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