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Be The Calming Force In The Passing Of A Loved One

When you have suffered a grave loss, it’s within your right to be welled up with emotion. Maybe someone you loved, passed away recently. If so, then you can feel as if there is a giant gap in your heart. You want something to fill it, but you know that won’t happen. It feels like sinking. We wonder how other people cope with such a loss? Maybe they too feel just like we do, but they have chosen to act a certain way. Dignity in mourning is a really powerful thing. It’s an admirable act, to remain strong, react calmly and do what is right, all while you feel your world is ripping apart. 

Their favorite spot

One of the ways you can respect a loved one who has only just passed away, is to go to their favorite spot on earth. Maybe it was a mountain cliff, a place by the river, or a spot to sit down and watch the clouds on the side of a hill. It’s a good idea to go to this place, sit in silence and remember the good things about that person. You can also go with some friends and family to this place. You can all share memories about the person and this can be very alleviating. It feels like you are talking through the anguish. Practical ways like this, allows you and the other mourners to put your grieving into words, make it understandable and help others to share what’s on their mind too.

Buy some flowers

Flowers are a great symbol of vibrant life. This is why they are taken to funerals and left at the burial sites of those that have passed. These funeral flowers can be arranged into any design you want. They can be in the form of a ring, a religious symbol, the initial of their name, and or a heart. This is something that you can place on the funeral casket as a mark of respect. Funeral wreaths are also very gracious and they can look really wonderful when riding in the funeral car, with the loved one. Or you can go for a fully personalized design if you want something specific. This could be in the form of what they loved doing such as a hobby or profession.

Take time

Don’t feel as if you need to put on a brave face and just carry on. You should take the time to be by yourself, if you need it. Sometimes you just want to be in your own thoughts, think about the time you shared with this person, how they helped you, how they changed your life, when they made you laugh and even when you had a fight. Sharing your life, good and bad with someone, is all part and parcel of friendship. 

Dignity during mourning is not easy but it’s perhaps the best way to give your loved one a good, goodbye. It can also help others around you, to see that you are calm and thoughtful, instead of overwhelmed with grief.  

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