Why cinema trips can be hard with chronic illnesses

Why cinema trips can be hard with chronic illnesses
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Hey everybody!

I think it is important to look at how disability impacts normal life, and for most people cinema trips are normal. That is why today we are talking about why cinema trips can be hard with chronic illnesses.


Yesterday I went to see Avengers Endgame, and oh my goodness was I excited! I got dressed up as you can see, and we went to the lunchtime showing because we couldn’t wait.

However, almost as soon as I came out of seeing the film I was reminded why there are so many films I have to miss. I love going to see a movie, it is one of those treats that has always filled me with so much excitement because I have loved films so much always! The exhaustion I felt as we walked to the car was so bad I felt heavy and it was only my excitement that kept me moving.

Almost the moment I got out into the car though I fell asleep and I honestly remember nothing else until I got into bed at about 4pm! Bear in mind that we visited my mom after the film because she had looked after our dog Gizmo!!

Why cinema trips can be hard with chronic illnesses

There are a few main problems about why cinema trips can be hard with chronic illnesses:

  • The darkness – Now I know they have to darken the theatre while the film plays. But can anyone tell me why it is so dark before and after?
    You have to walk through a door from light to dark and then try and get up stairs safely! It is very scary when you cannot feel your feet and you do not know the layout of somewhere.
  • The seating – I suffer with constant pain, so just imagine having to sit still for three hours without cushions with back pain? It is torture, and to be honest it isn’t just the stiffness of the seat it is that there is nowhere to rest your head. I have something called ankylosing spondylitis which causes pain and swelling in my neck and all along my spine.
  • People – If you have been reading the blog for a while, you will know I have an anxiety disorder. I also do not leave the house very often, so being in a large room, which was sold out, full of people is very overwhelming! I almost cling to my husband as we go in and get tickets and snacks it is partly why cinema trips can be hard with chronic illnesses.
  • The noise – Now this might sound crazy, but sound can make my pain worse. So with an action film like The Avengers, my pain spikes quite high and makes it hard to focus on the film.
  • The repercussions – As soon as I got home I got into bed and rested, my head was really painful as was my back. I also found myself feeling dizzy and my muscles were stiff. Today is the next day and I could barely get out of bed without help and waking up was not easy!

I wish I could see more films as they come out at the cinema and support my favourite actors and actresses. Unfortunately, as you can see just one trip to the cinema really affected my illnesses! I look forward to when I can see films in a way that does both supporting them and not making me worse!

Namaste xxx

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  • Aunts Marian

    Hadn’t really thought about the effects caused by a simple thing like going to the cinema. Those of us fortunate enough to not suffer this way take every day events as they come, without any consequences to our health and well-being…it’s only having read your blog that we can start to realise that chronic illness/pain sufferers are not so lucky.
    Well written Bev xx

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