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Let’s talk about naps with chronic fatigue

I talk about chronic fatigue a lot, mainly because it is the illness that has affected my life and my ability to work the most. So, let’s talk about naps with chronic fatigue because it is something that people have mixed views on, and let’s be honest every day is different.

let's talk about naps and chronic fatigue
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I have been disabled for about 20years now, and in that time I have struggled the most with fatigue it is the symptom and illness that annoys me the most. It stops me leaving the house, stops me walking in nature, stops me getting jobs done I long to do and a million other things.

Chronic fatigue is so much more than just feeling tired, and now even more people are discovering that because of long covid. Many of us who have ME believe that the two illnesses are the same and that it will hopefully be proven and we can get more funding for research.

Before I carry on, I think if your body needs a nap, and you can sleep at night, which I can’t when I nap, then nap. However, if a nap then means you cannot sleep at night then you have to find a way that doesn’t leave you struggling with insomnia. For some reason those two often tag team, so I had to work on not napping so I could sleep at night, so if you are the same this is for you.

Recently, I got a comment on one of my YouTube videos asking me to talk about how I get through my days without naps. I did that video, (it will be below so check it out and don’t forget to subscribe) but thought maybe people would benefit from it written as well. So, here is how I get through my days without naps when I have chronic fatigue:

Let’s talk about naps with chronic fatigue

  • Pacing – this is often spoken about and there are many ways of doing it, but if I do a thing, I have to rest after the thing. Depending on how big the thing was tells me how long to rest, and I mean just sitting and chilling after not sleeping or napping. I also break tasks up into smaller steps and rest between steps…that’s how I make pacing work for me.
  • Healthy eating – I find if I eat take aways, and eat chocolate and crisps my pain and fatigue get worse. I figured out quite quickly that if I want to cut down on my time napping I needed to eat regularly, and find healthy snacks that are not full of sugar. I love things like Naked bars or Graze and if you want to know more about my diet just ask and I will do a blog post or Youtube video.
  • Stay Hydrated – Yeah I know, I am not a big fan of water either, but I do try to drink a couple of my drinking bottles full a day. Staying hydrated will flush out toxins, help keep your skin healthy and most important keep your brain nice and happy. If you have other illnesses check with your doctor, but for me drinking lots has helped my brain fog and fatigue, not cured but helped.
  • Good bedtime routine – Getting a good bedtime routine is so important when it comes to sleeping well and avoiding napping. I am usually in bed for about 8:30pm and resting watching some TV or reading and I am asleep by about 11pm. Again I can do a video or blog post if you would like just let me know.
  • Nap if you need to – Lastly, if you need to rest then do it! I often go to bed for a while and just watch a movie all snuggled up with the dogs. But there are many times as well that I just crash and need to sleep and that is ok, it is impossible to not nap with chronic fatigue. But slowing down and resting more will change things.

I really hope that this helped you to see that things can be improved, and there is no need to assume you have to nap and live with insomnia. As always chronic fatigue is a balancing act and every day is different, so be kind to yourself and add some of these things into your life.

Thank you xxx

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