Health Update

Health Update

Health Update
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Wow it has been a hot minute since I last posted here and for that I am so sorry I have not been well enough to post lately so it’s time for a health update  

So, if you are a regular reader you will know I have been struggling with my stomach since October/November time. It started when I was given some antibiotics and they interacted with some of the tablets I was already on. Since then I have been in so much pain and it is getting no better.

I was actually taken off the medication that it interacted with, they found I was on two different antidepressants. It appeared one had been given by one person for pain and the other by a different doctor for my depression. They shouldn’t be given together and now they think this mistake might be why my stomach has remained so painful.

The thing is they have reduced my pain medications, taken off one of my antidepressants and basically swapped and reduced and changed everything. This has left my fibromyalgia pain worse because I have less pain relief, but it has also affected my mental health.

Taking one of the antidepressants off me definitely help my stomach pain, but its made my depression much worse. I have had no creativity I have not been inspired by anything and because of this my blog and my You Tube channel have suffered.

I was really struggling with guilt about not being active, but then I realised the reason for my lack of creativity and took my own advice. I have spent a lot of time resting and chilling out cuddling my dog, and just practicing self care and compassion. My body and my mind needed a little break to deal with the changes because I cannot have a medication review until the doctor knows what is wrong with my stomach.

So the plan is to get an ultrasound of my stomach because though I had my gallbladder removed you can still get stones. Also I am going to have a gastroscopy to look for ulcers, and anything like that. I will be having a blood test and a stool sample to check for an infection that can prevent healing.

I will of course update here when we get some answers and a plan but this is where I am for now. I am so sorry I have not been well enough to post lately but I hope this health update explains why.

Namaste xxx

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  • Emma

    I was on two antidepressants for a while for pain management but I ended up with serotonin syndrome. My new doctor said the risk is too great. Especially because migraine meds and nausea meds effect serotonin anyway so if you take any of those while on the antidepressants it’s higher risk again of serotonin syndrome. It’s probably a good thing you’re not on two meds at once. It’s hard when you’re struggling with depression though. Maybe they can find a new med that works better.
    Hope they can sort out your stomach problems.
    I had gastritis for a long time after taking NSAIDs for osteoarthritis. I know antibiotics can cause a lot of stomach problems. Hope they sort it.

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