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Prioritise self care days

As the holiday season approaches, I thought we would talk about why it’s important to prioritise self care days. This should be all year, but I know what we are all like!

prioritise self care days
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Recently my life has changed, the amazing woman who redesigned my blog,  YouTube and social media has become one of my closest friends. She introduced me to roleplaying and table top games, and I started going to a club for it once a week.

However, in order to be able to do this, I have had to start prioritising self-care or it would have resulted in my illnesses getting worse. I already look after my mom and run this blog, make YouTube videos and have hobbies that I love.

I know shocking right, a human being who is disabled who has hobbies and things they need to do…thought we were all lazy scroungers did you???

Ooh sorry about that little bit of salt that escaped there!

Anyway, I was thinking about how I started making self care days a thing and realised maybe we should all do them all the time? Whether healthy or you have chronic illnesses we all need to take better care of ourselves.

Prioritise self care days

So, lets get into what I mean by this because it isn’t just about face masks and chocolate… though it totally can be. No, this is about making sure we rest and reset at least once a week to make sure we are not pushing our bodies and minds too far.

First of all, what are things that when you do them immediately make you feel better? I am sure we all have a little list right? These are mine:

  • Playing music I love loudly and singing along
  • Moving my body, could be a little dance to that music, yoga, or something like that
  • Going for a walk
  • Popping to the supermarket to get some yummy food for dinner
  • Adult colouring
  • Watching a comfort TV show cuddled up on the sofa with a blanket & my dog
  • Reading
  • Play the sims or Dreamlight
  • Meditating

You get the idea right? These are things I love and yet in my day to day I tend to feel like I have to earn the right to do them in some way. They are high value to me, so I can only do them if I get jobs done or do things for others.

In Western society so many of us feel this way, like we can’t possibly just do something because we enjoy it, no we have to earn our fun time. It is drilled into us from an early age at school and through working life.

So, now I want you to realise you are worth the thins you love without ‘earning’ it, your happiness and mental/physical health is reason enough! What if for just one day every week you did all the things you love? A whole day dedicated to making you smile and feel good!

I will be honest doing this once a week made such a big difference to my mental health, it made me feel like I wanted to do more! I started setting boundaries, and changing how I did other things so I had even better mental health!

Then, I took it a step further…

I stopped just prioritising self care days, and decided to do at least one thing off my list every day!! This has been the game changer I have always needed, honestly I feel like I levelled up and my brain has been so much kinder to me!

Now, I could easily tell you do this, to spread it over the week, but if you have children, chronic illnesses, you work, or some/all of the above it might be harder to do that!

But doing a couple things that make you happy on one day a week is manageable for most of us, so I encourage you to prioritise self care days and see the difference it makes. Try it for a couple months and see if your world changes too.

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Thank you xx

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  • Kaz

    Loving the redesign here and on your YouTube channel. This is very timely for me so I am very grateful for your advice and information. Thank you.

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