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Why Mess Only Increases Stress

Nowadays, life is full of triggers. The best you can do is approach one of them at a time and limit the damage. This means you will rank the stresses in order and importance, and clutter may not be high on the list.

Sure, you’d love to have a neat and tidy home or workspace, yet you have more important issues on your mind. At least, that’s what you assume. In reality, the smallest tweaks can eliminate the biggest stressors, and dealing with mess falls into this category.

If you want to boost your mental health, here are the reasons mess causes more stress.

It Bombards Your Mind

Have you ever felt suffocated to the point you can’t make a simple decision? This sensation stems from too many stimuli in the brain. Because your mind can’t process all of it at once, it becomes overwhelmed. You may think clutter has nothing to do with it, yet it does since the very concept is messy. With clutter around your home, you’re bound to have it in your brain, too. As a result, it’s as if there is nothing you can do to relieve the pressure. There is – make room in your life and you’ll have extra space in your mind.

It’s Distracting

Another problem with the mess is that it’s needless. Usually, the clutter in your life is easy to deal with if you have the energy and inclination to put it away and find storage solutions. But, when you have zero energy for the mess, it becomes a fixture in your mind. Considering it’s unnecessary, the only thing it does is take away your focus from essential topics. Rather than figuring out how you’ll exercise to relieve tension, you’ll fixate on what you’ll do with excess furniture. In the grand scheme of the things, the latter is nowhere near as vital as the former.

You Find It Harder To Relax

You can’t take the edge off when you’re surrounded by things that trigger your stress. This can impact everything from your balance between work and the office and your sleep patterns. Making your life tidier could make you healthier in this respect. Of course, some stuff is too important to throw in the bin, so you should repurpose it into something valuable. Memory bears help you to remember the good times without taking up excess space, while scrapbooks allow you to laugh and smile, even when times are tough. A little laugh is enough to set off a chain reaction that will enhance your mood and outlook.

Work Is Never Finished

Clutter signals to the brain that there is another project that needs completing. Nothing is ever finished until you deal with it head-on, which is problematic if you keep on putting it off. Why? It’s because you’ll never get the opportunity to switch off and recharge fully. Unplugging from the mainframe is critical as you’ll suffer from burnout otherwise.

Are you messy? How do you plan on clearing away the clutter to aid your mental health?

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