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Frustrations and realisations

Frustrations and realisations
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash
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Hey everybody!

Well this week has been a big one for me and one that I am glad came in January so I could get everything set up and out of the way. I know this is a bit cryptic, but enough to say it has been full of frustrations and realisations and I am okay with that!

So first of all let us get the frustrations out of the way shall we? So there is a film that has Twitter all of a bother about ableism in Hollywood and frankly it is really annoying! Why do we have to have this battle every time a new film about disability comes out? Why do things not change? Discrimination under most other reasons is supported but it feels like when it comes to this most people just think we are stupid for wanting disabled actors in the roles!

I must admit I did get a bit ranty in my You Tube video this week because it really annoyed me and I honestly did not know how to get out my thoughts! But I am so glad I made the video and got my thoughts and feelings out and if I make a little bit of difference it is always worth the effort!

However, as well as frustrations there was a big realisation this week and it got me making a few changes to my thinking and to my You Tube channel. The first thing that happened is that I realised I was wasting time, I have gone through a big spiritual awakening, I am learning about different religions as well as shamanism and mediumship.

I have been learning as part of a group for a couple of years now through Heavenly Guidance, but I also am learning through spiritual women like Charis Melina and Alexandra Wenman. All of these women have so much knowledge and experience and I was thinking wow I cannot wait until I am like them and can share my experiences and help others….

But then I realised I was already sharing my experiences and hopefully helping people on here and through You Tube and my social media. This realisation led me to change my way of thinking and to be more open about sharing my path and the things I learn. I have focused my You Tube to be about disability, enlightenment and vintage fashion, with funko pop videos once a month, and here will be enlightenment and disability.

I am hoping concentrating things like this I will be happier, more consistant and more people will enjoy my content!

Definitely let me know how you feel about these changes, if you are subscribed to my You Tube or if my concentrating things down will encourage you to subscribe. Also what do you think about the whole Bryan Cransten situation?

Namaste xxx

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