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I am exhausted

exhausted This is how I feel perfectly! I am trying to get back to daily yoga, I don’t do any mad poses but it is wonderful physiotherapy it keeps me flexible and helps my strength as well as lowering my anxiety and depression so I need to get back to doing it properly! The downside of it is that it makes you so tired! It is like by lunchtime I need a nap and all I have done is 20-30 minutes of yoga and taken a shower, and that is on a good day!

So now I am tired and this is constant, fatigue is not like at the end of the day you want to go to bed tired…its like doing 2 night shifts with no sleep and trying to think straight!

It has taken me a good half an hour just to write this much…goodness me I cannot think and I cannot do anything to make it better. A nap could help a little so I will probably curl up with the dog and rest for a while, but it is like putting a plaster on a gunshot wound, it never gets easier and never lets up you just have to try and balance what you need to get done with what your body will allow you to do!

Sometimes you have to say no to going out because you did your housework, or not cook a proper meal at night because you exercised…to get things done you have to be organised and try to be a little psychic!

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