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Lazy Sunday vibes

lazy-sunday-dog Hi everyone! Today I have been really lazy and I had a lie in until 9am! I then had nutella on toast as a treat breakfast with a nice cup of English Breakfast tea! Since then I showered, but am still wearing PJs, and I have done a little writing…still it has been lovely to just chill!

Gizmo my shih tzu still has his collar on because he is still healing after having two cysts removed so he has been having lots of cuddles. I am so lucky to have him honestly because I rarely get visitors and so when Lee is at work I can get lonely. Instead I find myself chatting away to my dog and spending a lot of time with him being silly!

I love making myself laugh and I definitely think it helps to combat my anxiety and depression to keep busy. I love to fill my day with writing, reading, yoga, meditation, hobbies like knitting and photography as well as cooking and housework because if I don’t I tend to get lost in my head very depressed and anxious and just feeling really crappy! It is my personal way of dealing with these illnesses and I must admit that though it can be painful and tiring if I manage my time well and listen to my body for the most part I can keep things at bay.

This is why a lazy day to me is chilled but still keeping busy as much as possible to help me not fall into bad habits of not being mindful and present in the moment. I started learning about Buddhism last year and along with yoga and meditation it has changed my life. It might not work for you but this routine, organisation and mindfulness works for me, I hate when people try to tell you how to deal with your illness. I always appreciate advice but I know myself my mind and my body better than anyone. We are all different so don’t try to tell me what works you know?

Anyway I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that the week ahead is good xx

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  • Julianne Baker

    Hi Beverley

    Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog and that you should be really proud about the way you deal with your illnesses. I have anxiety and depression as well and know what it takes not to sit in my head all day. Keep on blogging : )


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