Recovering from a holiday

Recovering from a holiday can be hard, I know for me it is the thing that I dread the most and why I rarely go. But we all need a break now and then, so let’s talk about it.

recovering from a holiday
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I just got home from 4 days in Scotland, we went for our best friend’s wedding, and it was amazing! But for me, my husband, and our friend Amanda, we needed to be careful because we all have chronic illnesses.

So, we drove up on the Friday, and instead of sightseeing, we spent Saturday in bed resting and recovering from the drive. Sunday was the wedding, and we ate, danced, and drank basically all the things we usually avoid. Then Monday was spend driving all the way home again!

Yesterday, once again was spent in bed, in pain and trying to recover not an easy task when you feel a flare come on! Still there are things I have found that can help you to recover and get going after a trip.

Tips for recovering from a holiday:

  • Listen to your body – quite a lot of the time we try to get back to our normal too fast because we have things to do. But pausing to see what your body needs rather than trying to fit into society’s standards makes a big difference.
  • Try some yoga – whether this is some bed yoga to stretch and keep your muscles from cramping, or yoga nidra to help you relax why not try a little yoga and see if it helps? I do have an accessible exercise playlist with some routines that might help.
  • Rest – doing things that are relaxing, watching tv or just sleeping, whatever it is make sure you are resting and taking some time to let your body recover.
  • Self care – whether it is rubbing some massage oil into aching muscles or putting on your favourite pyjamas, so you feel cute while your rest, or even having a bath! Self care can make such a big difference to recovery after being away.
  • Don’t listen to people who don’t understand – there are always people who assume the holiday is enough and that we won’t get sick. But they are just ignorant they don’t have your illnesses and they don’t know how you are feeling. So, push their voices out of your head and listen to your body instead.

I hope if you manage to go away this year, that recovering from a holiday won’t take too long and that you are just left with lovely memories.

Thank you xxx

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