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Making spoonie lists

Today I talk about how I noticed I make lists within lists to make sure I have enough 'spoons' to get through the day and wondered if others do the same? Hey everybody!

So this week my body is trying to kill me plus I am listening non-stop to Ed Sheeran so be thankful I am here and let’s just get into it shall we?

So the other day I was in the shower, it was not the best of days so I was listing in my head the things I needed to do…wash my face, shampoo my hair, wash my body…then I realised what I was doing and I wondered if any other Spoonies out there do the same thing?

Since the shower I realised that I don’t just work out my spoons (The Spoon Theory) for the week, or just for the day, but within each task I work out how many steps are in that task so I know if I have enough energy to make it just to the end of the task!

Now I know that for a long time my dad thought I was lazy, I think he understands better now but for a long time he did. I am sure other people in my life assumed the same but I wish people knew how much work goes into being a person with a chronic illness.

Just making sure I have enough energy to get through the day is tiring and probably a lot of that is trying to get through the brain fog as much as possible to mentally make sure I do not forget a step and can get through it! I am literally making lists within lists and my life is turning into the damn Matrix!

List making whether it is in your head, a journal or on a calendar is a very important part of being a Spoonie, it is very difficult to work out energy levels for the week and plan accordingly, but it comes with practice. I tend to keep it all in my head but I am thinking of starting to use a journal of some kind so that I can get it out of my brain a little.

So I am asking my fellow Spoonies do you do this? What are your tips and tricks to get through a task?…And most importantly what is your favourite track on Ed Sheeran’s new album????

Namaste xxx

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