Tips for travel with chronic illness

Tips for travel with chronic illness
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I am going away this weekend and I am so excited; I am going to a convention dedicated to the TV show Once upon a time! I have been attending events run by Starfury decades and honestly, I think they are the best. The problem is even though I am going away my fatigue and chronic pain doesn’t take a break. I wanted to share some tips for travel with chronic illness because its important to share what works for us.

I cannot remember the last time I had a day without pain, maybe never I mean I remember being in so much pain as a child. But as an adult it’s my chronic fatigue that holds me back more than anything and the frustration sometimes gets to be too much, as you know if you regularly read this blog!

Today I dusted my living room, it’s not a big room by any means, but still it wiped me out, by 3pm I was asleep. I have had such bad fatigue for months now and I used to go to my DRs about it but honestly, they do not have anything they can do or give to help. It’s just a constant juggle between keeping my body moving and not doing too much so I trigger a flare.

Tips for travel:

On the run up to a weekend away it’s even more important to keep the balance and not allow all the things I need to do make me sick. So, if you have something important coming up and you are having this problem here is how I cope:

  • Pacing – this is top for a reason, listen to your body and take your time you can still do things but you need to do them slowly and rest in between
  • Prioritise – if you have a few days to get things done make a list and work out what is most important and what can wait until you get home again.
  • Ask for help – the people around you want you to have a nice time so if they can they will help all you have to do is ask.
  • Listen – your body constantly speaks to you so start listening! Now is not the time to be stubborn if you want to be able to have fun then rest, nap and stay hydrated
  • Plan – break any job into smaller bites so you can rest and you aren’t doing too much at once
  • Be patient – you can only do your best things can wait until you get home you are coping with more than most people could imagine and you deserve a nice break away

I hope this helps you if you are getting ready to go away and have fun or even if you are staying home these tips for travel with chronic illness can help at any time.

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