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A busy but happy few days

14955928_10154343806588600_7636833698245334439_n Hi Everybody!

First of all I am sorry I did not update yesterday I was spending the day offline as it was my Hubbys birthday. We didn’t do an awful lot because we both felt tired but we did have my dad and his girlfriend over and we had a curry and watched The Force Awakens in 3-D which rocked!!!

The day before that was my Nan’s 90th birthday and her first since my Grandad passed away. We all went out for afternoon tea and a really nice hotel near us called Weston Hall which none of us had done before but it was so lovely!

They served us unlimited tea I was adventurous and had one called Morrocan Mint which was delicious! They also gave us small cakes and sandwiches without the crusts and they had special men’s one which was so nice too with burgers and pork pie! We were all so stuffed and I was high as a kite on sugar because usually I try to stay away from refined sugar.

By the evening I was exhausted and went to bed almost as soon as we got home, it was such a special day for my Nan and I am so glad we did it together. Now it is Monday and after a busy two days with lots of food I feel hungover though I drank no alcohol at all! I am shaky and very tired and honestly I cannot wait for my bed. Sometimes you have to push through so you can enjoy times, but you do suffer afterwards if you have chronic illness and I wish people could understand that.

Anyway I am going to chill out for a few days though tomorrow I am having my hair cut and having a bit of a pamper the day after that so I am looking forward to that.


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