• Claire Saul

    Hi Beverley, Great video, which I will share. Just wondered which CBD oil you are using? I have trialled Honey Colony from the States, but the import duty is so expensive – would like a recommendation from someone who has issues like me. I have completely overdone it the last few days and I love your bit about housework (did you see my insta post) – but today I can’t do anything, the kids are driving me mad, no one else seems to notice the dog hairs…aghhhh Ans YES – it is so like night shifts, I remember at the end of 7 nights…that is how I feel. Anyway great to hear from you and support you, gentle hugs and love, Claire x

  • Claire Saul

    Also hould have said….I had a PIP review last week at a centre despite my GP asking for home visit. I passed out in the waiting room, but nowhere for me to lie down and when we went in to the room I had to ask to lie down!! I was made to feel so small and felt she was trying to catch me out! I used the Benefits and Work website – their guides are fab to help fill out the forms. Actually send me an email and I will forward it to you C xxx

    • ZombieButterfly

      Hi Claire! I am so glad that I got over the feeling of fatigue in some kind of coherent and accurate way lol! It is so hard to describe to people so I am glad that made sense and hopefully will raise some awareness! I am really scared about trying for PIP it will make our lives so much harder so I can only be hopeful, keep everything crossed for me!!!! xxx

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