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Dealing with broken resolutions when chronically ill

Hey everybody!

So how are those resolutions doing? It is the 7th so a week into January and I have broken some of my resolutions and in the past this has led me to giving up throwing in the towel and declaring resolutions to be a waste of time.

However this year I have come to realise that when you have chronic pain and chronic fatigue it is incredibly difficult if not impossible to determine how you will feel from day to day. Yesterday I was feeling pretty good I got up I did yoga, then I meditated, read my bible, and then I cleaned the living room. My dad then came for the afternoon we had a take away watched some TV had a good chat then I went to bed early because I was exhausted.

This morning however I woke up at almost 11am, I felt like I was hungover and my back was incredibly painful. I had a bath when I finally could get up and then smothered myself in aloe vera warming lotion to help my muscles. Now I am writing this in my pyjamas and hoping my headache stays on the peripheries and does not come thundering in!

I want to do everything, I want to be fit, to eat well, to cook from scratch and learn new hobbies but sometimes my body has to remind me to just slow down a little. It is okay to not keep up with the 30 days of yoga challenge, so long as I finish it does it really matter how long it takes me to complete?

Resolutions are great, it is wonderful to start fresh and have goals, however it is important to always remember that if you have a chronic illness to be patient and listen to your body. It is much better to rest for a day and pick up your goals the next day than to push yourself to breaking point.

Namaste xxx

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