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Health update and some advice?

Hey everybody!

So this week has been tiring, I do not know why but my fatigue seems the worst it has been in so long and I am struggling to keep up. Naps and lots of sitting down between tasks is the only way to go I just wish I could have more days up on my feet so I could get things done and do my hobbies!

Monday I had an appointment at Stafford hospital it was a follow up after my drop to anaemia happened so suddenly at the start of last year. In the summer I had cameras to investigate for things like tumours and ulcers that could account for it but thankfully those tests were all clear. So they took more blood and hopefully I will hear back soon as to whether my anaemia is sorted or if it is something that needs further investigation.

When I got home it was still early because my appointment had been moved to 8:30am so I planned to take a short nap and then get on with my day…I woke up at 1pm!!! I felt awful so that day turned into me resting because of walking around the hospital and the early start etc. The consultant explained however that I do not look anaemic anymore which would suggest it is not my diet as I have not changed anything, and that it might be heavy periods or just a blip that they cannot explain.

I did manage to go to the first yoga class of the year that night though, and I have been doing yoga daily since which I hope I can keep up with. I also cleaned the living room today and had a little pamper to cheer myself up. I have definitely learned to look for happiness in the small things so yeah I am doing all I can to treat myself well and to keep up on the small things like getting my nails done or eyebrows waxed or just moisturizing my skin after a shower to keep myself smiling.

Chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia are hard for people to understand because it is not a ‘buzz’ word, or a trendy illness that is everywhere on TV, nor is it something they can see. I just wish sometimes people close to me would make the effort to learn about them and to think before they speak.

I have had people, including close family say I am lazy, or I do not eat enough protein because I am vegetarian…it really upsets me and I am not sure how to get them to understand I rest a lot because I have these illnesses that make everything I do tiring? So please comment below if you have any ideas or tips as to how you explain things?

Namaste xxx


If you would like to learn more about protein intake and why it is important to get enough, check this post on Fitnessjockey.com

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  • Brittany W

    Sorry that people don’t understand your illnesses. It seems like people don’t get it until they “get” it and are chronically ill themselves.

    • ZombieButterfly

      That makes sense, I just wish I knew how to stop the little comments and stuff that do hurt though I should shrug it off. Thank you for replying

  • Julianne Baker

    Hi Beverley when I first started reading your blogs I didn’t know what fibromyalgia was because I had never heard of it before so I googled it, as you do, and came across a fantastic letter about it that explains it really well and it is addressed to family and friends of the person. So maybe you can try that or even write one yourself just to show what you go through every day. Google ‘the fibromyalgia letter’ to find it if you want. Try not to let what others say upset you, only you know what you are going through. I also agree with Brittany they probably will not get it unless they go through it themselves. I hope this helps some. Just keep going on how you are as I think you are doing amazing and I really enjoy reading your blogs, keep it up xx

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