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Getting Motivated with Fatigue

Hey everybody!

I am someone  who finds it easy to be organised and to motivate myself, I love to learn new skills and to get things done. However some days it just feels like an uphill battle to even get out of bed and this is mainly for me because of fatigue and pain!

This morning I woke up in pain, a usual day and so I got up and headed downstairs to make myself a tea and have my tablets. However, when the usual time I have to wait for them to kick in had long passed and I was still in pain I realised it was simply going to be ‘one of those days’! I also had so much fatigue I was still in my nightclothes at lunchtime so it was definitely not going to be an easy day!

Now on days like this when I still had my blog post to write, and my fansites to update and the bathroom to clean and a shower to have it would be easier to just curl up in a ball on the sofa and nap all day…however then I would have to deal with guilt when my husband came home from work and I had done nothing…this leads to negative thoughts and possibly ugly crying so here are some things I do instead!

  1. Condense your list: Think about what you absolutely NEED to get done today. For me this was my blog, I try to update every Wednesday and Sunday so I try not to miss this. The bathroom needs doing but if I do it tomorrow morning instead it will be okay we can deal with it for one day. Then I decided to take a bath before bed when hubby is home so he can help me, this meant now all I have to do is write this post and maybe my fansites if possible before my nap yay!
  2. Self Care: Think about what you need to do to feel human, like I changed into fresh pyjamas, and wiped my face over with some Olay wipes I have for days like this. Take any meds you are due and make sure you drink enough water and eat so you do not feel worse!
  3. Be kind to Yourself: This is important!!! Realise that you are sick every day and you are a badass so usually you manage to get things done, but today not so much so rest up!
  4. Naps are our friends: Sleep is something that is precious when you have a chronic illness, you get insomnia at night and yet you feel like you have just finished a night shift on any given day! I admit I love to nap, but I hate insomnia so I try to stay awake if possible so I can sleep at night. However, today my body is screaming for me to sleep so I will be curled up on that sofa just as soon as I am finished here!
  5. Remember to smile: When you finally lay down and rest remember those things you did do and don’t lie there worrying or giving in to the negative thoughts about things you did not get done. Not only did you manage to get some of the things done you did THE MOST IMPORTANT thing and that is looking after yourself. Always listen to your body it will let you know when it needs a day off so rest up and carry on tomorrow!

Namaste xxx

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