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waving-dog-goodbye-600x600 Well this has been something I have wanted to do for a while and to be honest have been not well enough to set up. I don’t get to go out of the house much and if I am honest I do not get visitors unless I am related to them so I find I can get lost in my head a lot! A blog is a good way of getting my thoughts and feelings out and I found it really helped back in the day when I had a livejournal!

Since christmas I have really struggled with fatigue, napping in the afternoons and sleeping for 11+ hours a night meant I was getting nothing done! Then a random blood test found I was really anaemic and I had lots of investigations to try and find out why, they found nothing so put me on iron tablets! Now usually I am not an advocate for throwing medications at things and hoping they go away, but I feel so much livelier now they have kicked in! I mean honestly I can make it to about 8pm before needing to go to bed and not having to nap every single day now which means I can actually get things done like light housework and yoga a couple times a week!

Now naturally I am an organiser so I have a schedule, if I didn’t I would get nothing done and would feel so useless and that is just not me! So I divided my house into sections, 1) living room and small hallway 2) bathrooms 3) Main bedroom and each gets a day! So my week is usually planned for example monday section 1, tuesday yoga, wednesday section 2, thursday yoga, friday section 3 and it rolls on like that.

On days when I have to go out for doctors visits or to see relatives etc I don’t do yoga or housework and it rolls to the next day! Anyone who has a chronic illness that involves chronic fatigue is probably familiar with being organised like this, it is the best way to manage fatigue and still get your jobs done. I find that in this way I get my job done in the morning and it leaves me a couple of hours in the afternoon to either nap or spend a couple of hours online.

Everything is balanced on my illness, every day is whether it will let me do the things I want and there are times when a week goes by and I have not been well enough to do either housework or yoga, or I might feel wonderful in the morning and by the afternoon in so much pain I go to bed! The pain and fatigue mixed with depression and anxiety mean that every day feels different and though most people will make comments about how lucky I am to be able to sleep in or nap I am sure if they knew they would be thankful they didn’t have these symptoms!!

In this blog I hope to update every week, daily if I can though most days are pretty much the same and I wouldn’t want to bore you! You will get to know my hobbies, I will post reviews of my TV shows, and most of all tell you about my illnesses and how I have found a healthy diet and yoga as much as possible has helped me personally. I am not a doctor though so although I hope to get a healthy conversation going with people I am not trying to tell you how to deal with your illness. I believe by swapping ideas and things that work for each of us we can all find ways to live better.

Rock on Beverley x

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