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I feel like an extra from the walking dead!

maxresdefault Hello everyone! So yesterday was a big day for me because I actually left the house! My dad come and picked me and Gizmo my dog up and we went to visit my nan, she hasn’t been the same since my Granddad died and it is so hard being there. I struggle seeing her so depressed and sick with Alzheimers yet unable to do anything to comfort her, but I love how happy she is to see us and it was so nice to just sit and chat with her. I showed her my knitting, my first real go at it and she was impressed and said it was even and neat! That made me so happy because my Nan used to knit a lot!

I came home and made dinner I made my hubby fish and I had a vegetarian choice with sweet potatoes and vegetables then we went to bed. I am getting into bed on average about 8pm at the moment, my pain starts getting bad in the evening and its comfier to lie in bed and watch TV there than try to sit in pain on the sofa. We watched the first episode of Mr Robot and OMG this season looks like it is going to be good already! I cannot wait to watch the rest it is one of those rare shows that really blows your mind and makes you think it is different and creative I just love it!

But today I woke up feeling tired, so tired it took me an hour to be able to get out of bed and another two just to be able to shower! My pain is bad especially in my legs and arms and honestly I just want to go to bed! I want to get up and do things but I think it will be me just chilling with my dog and either reading or watching my shows! Urgh I hate days like this when Lee is at work and I am here feeling demotivated, depressed and guilty because I cannot do the housework! Can someone send me a house elf please???

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