How I treat my chronic pain

How I treat my chronic pain
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Well I have been meaning to do a post showing how I treat my chronic pain for a while. I hope this post will give you some new ways to cope and treat your pain and I think its important we all share our tips and tricks anything is worth a try. I definitely think we all get to that point at some stage and you never know some of them may help you.

How I treat my chronic pain


So I use a few versions of CBD this is a great way of treating chronic pain, but it does take trying different types to find what works for you.

Holland and Barrett: This UK health store now has a whole range of CBD products from chocolate to oil you put under your tongue. I tried this CBD muscle balm and honestly it is brilliant for that deep muscle pain that comes with fibromyalgia. All you do is massage into the muscle that hurts, which is hell, but my goodness it is wonderful when the pain melts away!

Sensi Seeds: My best friend told me about this company and their capsules are so good for my anxiety and insomnia. I just take one about 9:30pm and an hour later I am so ready to sleep and I sleep through the night without waking in pain every time I need to move!

Natural solutions

Motorcycle cosmetic company: I found this company not too long ago and already I rely on their products so much! They do have offers on these products at the moment so head over and take advantage!

First I tried their Pain slayer balm, this works very similarly to the CBD balm, but I rub it in my arms and legs whenever I get that dull aching in my limbs and in no time they are gone!

Then I discovered they do this in a shower gel and since using this with every shower my pain has halved! You can also add it to your bath which I have yet to try but sounds like heaven honestly!

I also found they do a soothing gel for migraines and headaches and as you know I have been suffering with both for years! You just put the Headbanger oil across your forehead, temples, behind ears and nape of neck on the onset and in minutes its gone! Me and my husband use it and we cannot quite believe it but its true!


Podcasts: I will be honest there is something about distractions that just helps when you are in pain. I love laying on the sofa listening to podcasts and just resting it is sometimes all my body wants. Some of my favourites are Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum, Glass half full, Mile Higher Podcast, Positivitea, and Heros Breath.

Reading: Now for a long time I was held back from reading because of hand pain and being unable to hold a book open long enough. Then I found the Woody Book Opener and for very little money found a way to help my pain. Its a wonderful little wooden gadget that goes over your thumb and holds the book open, a simple but genius solution.

None of these products are sponsoring this post, I just really wanted to share how I help my chronic pain. If you have any tips and tricks or products you think would help me just leave me a comment down below.

Namaste xxx

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  • Kmarie

    These are great tips! My friend has ED…as you know I have Lyme, Fibro and Chronic fatigue…and yes anxiety and depression can circulate…tho I am in a regressive state right now which is nice because I spent a few years mostly in bed on and off…I am so thankful for naturopathy, physiotherapy, diet guidance and a life I can rest a lot …You have a-beautiful blog…

  • Anouk

    Hi Beverley,

    Sorry to hear about your diagnoses, and thank you for sharing your story. We love that you featured our product, glad to hear that you’re having a positive experience with our capsules!

    Thank you & keep up the good work by sharing your journey with the world <3

    (P.S. Mighty Boosh fan here too!)

  • Claire

    I swear by my Kindle for reading as I can no longer hold a book and I have recently started listening to podcasts too – great time waster!! The names of the Motorcycle CC products are just brilliant – I have got to give the Pain Slayer balm a go. Thanks for recommending, Beverley. Claire x

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