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Panic at the computer

Hey everybody!

First of all I am so sorry that I missed updating the blog on Wednesday but I have had a very trying week and I really want to explain!

On Monday my external drive crashed, it just stopped talking to my laptop and I was panicking so much! I have saved so much stuff since I started online over a decade ago and it was all on that drive…word docs, writings, fanart you name it if it was geeky it was there and I could not get to it!

Thankfully my Grandad’s friend John knows tons about computers and he installed a programme to get the files off the external drive and move them to the cloud where they will be safe unlike on an external drive! The programme took days and I couldn’t get to anything, I had lost all my bookmarks and all my passwords and so I was stuck!

To say my anxiety was high was an understatement, that in turn made my brain fog, and my pain worse. I spent the last week trying to keep myself sane and to keep busy. I made my first sewing project a pillowcase from the Craft Club Box my mom came for the day and helped me and I was so proud of myself.

I loved making that, but sewing and concentrating all day made me feel so sick the next day and I have been resting a lot as well as trying a new recipe and basically taking some me time! I finally managed to get things sorted, the files I wanted the most I managed to save thankfully and I found all my log ins and now things will be back to normal here.

I do just want to say though that this experience kind of carried on from my last post about letting go of my bad times with my depression. I used to be online from the moment I woke up until I went to sleep, I avoided facing my illnesses and what they meant for my life for years. This happening right after me deciding to clear out my DVDs makes me think maybe the Universe agrees with me! It is time to let go of some of the destructive things I used to do and to be a better person.

Namaste xxx

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