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Self Care with chronic illness

Hey everybody!

So here in England at the moment it is very grey skies and freezing cold and raining most of the time…aka the perfect breeding ground for depression to creep up behind you and slowly start taking over!

I realised a couple of days ago that I had been skipping my lunch, so my fatigue was worse which meant I was not doing as much which made my depression worse…and so on. When I realised this the cosmos knew and two of my favourite you tubers Simply Quinoa, and Mae Flowers posted videos about lunch ideas! I mean seriously thank you universe!

Simply Quinoa especially posted a video about meal prepping, something I had not thought of doing but which is a brilliant idea for people with Chronic Illness! I will post the video below but for right now I want to talk about self love and how this gave me a kick up the bum to be kinder to myself.

The fact that I had been skipping lunches was a reminder that I struggle with fatigue and the thought of making a healthy, nutritious lunch every day was just feeling like too much work! I saw the video and it was like a light bulb moment! If I have 3-4 days of food set up I do not need to think about it I can just grab it out of the fridge and eat it, it means that I am not standing cooking every day only one and that I will be looking after myself so much better.

I know it is hard with illnesses like fatigue and depression to want to cook when there is so much convenience food out there, or like me you just skip the meal entirely! However, good and nutritious food will help you to feel better and there are so many people with great ideas on you tube, so many great blogs with healthy recipes. So though it takes more effort self love is about more than liking your wobbly bits and smiling through the pain…it is about making sure your body is as healthy as it can be!

What recipes do you enjoy making? Do you prep your meals for the week? Do you have any tips? Please share with me on my new Facebook, Instagram or here I would love that.

Namaste xxx

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