Sleeping and the holidays

Sleeping and the holidays
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So many people love this time of year, but it isn’t like that for everyone and that got me thinking about sleeping and the holidays. I have been struggling with sleep myself after finally fighting insomnia this year to get a regular routine!

At first I was puzzled as to why I couldn’t fall asleep, I wasn’t in any more pain than usual so it wasn’t painsomnia. My routine hadn’t changed either and I knew that was important, I even made a video about it on my you tube channel. I just could not figure it out and then I realised it is the end of the year, christmas is almost here and honestly it is a lot to deal with!

I was sent a survey to read by Mattress Advisor which managed to highlight some of the reasons why I cannot sleep.

Forty-three percent of people said holiday stress around finding the perfect gift, hurrying to get everything done, preparing the “Santa Clause” experience for children, and financial stress greatly affected their sleep quantity and quality. Of these holiday pressures, financial stress accounts for 22 percent of overall stress.”

Now I have talked before about our problems with my PIP disability benefit being turned down. We are still waiting for a date to go to court and honestly it is really affecting our finances. We have had to really cut back on the presents we can buy and the things we can do to celebrate Christmas.

Sleeping and the holidays seem to be two things that really do not go together! I thought it was just me and my anxiety disorder keeping me up, but the survey showed “Seventy-four percent of respondents rated their sleep quality during the holiday season below an eight out of 10.”

So if like me you have been struggling with sleep and the holidays you are not alone. The survey showed there are things that help like spending less than $100 on the holidays and if going away, instead of staying with family stay in an AirBNB or hotel.

Namaste xxx

Provided by Mattress Advisor
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  • Kathy

    Now I know why I’m having so much trouble sleeping lately. Of course my 86 year old dad is having some serious health challenges and just lost his vision in his right eye and most of it in his left eye. I find the holidays always stressful. thanks for sharing!

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