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Dealing with anxiety in a scary world

Hey everybody!

So after the events of the last few days I knew I had to mention it and deal with it and talk about how I am dealing with it and then we can just move on okay?

So America has a new president, its clear from the turn out for his inauguration that he is not popular not matter what he says. Now I am in England so why do I care? Well mainly because I cannot even think about things here, and also because this man has the ability to make things harder for a lot of my friends and people I know and he could send us hurtling into a war!

On top of this the other day I was scrolling through facebook and came across two petitions about animal cruelty. I actually care more about animals than people because people are not nice…and this is what I want to talk about today!

My anxiety is something I have had my whole life, I did not go to nursery (kindergarden) as a child because I was too scared, I struggled at school and I hated university. All the jobs I have had I have struggled a lot and now it is all coming on me as I am an adult who does not leave the house much because this lifelong fear is because of people.

I do not watch the news because it is all murder, wars, nasty people doing bad things and we watch it like entertainment! In fact I have asked why we never hear good and positive news and I have been told it does not get high ratings!!! People literally prefer to hear the bad and watch it for entertainment, if it wasn’t surely they would enjoy hearing good news just as much if not more! I love hearing about good people, normal people saving animals or saving someone from a disaster, I love to see the good in the world but I am the exception!

People like Trump get into power because people care more about money and power than the right thing, and that is the same reason that animals are treated badly or people are raped. Power means more to people and this gives me so much anxiety and fear I want to hide away with my dog and just try to be small so nobody notices me. This world feels almost too scary and harsh for me to cope with and it feels a lot like I am the strange one, because when I question things I am told it is just the way people are, or that people are not nice toughen up and deal with it.

But I will tell you one thing that helped? Yesterday a record number of people went to the streets for peaceful protests and I felt my heart swell hoping they would be heard. I know Trump is not a good person, but I do hope the people around him can help keep America great by listening to those people all over the world who want equality and healthcare and minimum wage and all the good things that give people a chance to be the best they can be!

My anxiety is so high right now and it is making my fibromyalgia and fatigue worse but I wanted to make this post because my mental health is just as important as my physical problems. I am proud that I am a fighter and I will battle through so I can take my dog on small walks by myself again and I will try to trust in people…all I ask is to stop thinking it is okay to be hard and uncaring keep your eyes peeled and stand up to the bad people do not harden up like them.

Right now I am listening to spotify, my music loud and I am singing along so I cannot think too deep, at night I listen to podcasts so I do not listen to the negative thoughts in my head. I am doing yoga and learning to meditate…I am trying to keep pushing through but I do need some ideas? How do you cope when the world is too harsh? What essential oils help? Is there anything you turn to that relax and take your mind off it all?

Namaste xxx

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