Having past life regression and meeting inspiring people

Having past life regression and meeting inspiring people
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Hey everybody!

Having past life regression and meeting inspiring people has been what this week was all about it was so cool but oh so tiring!! I love going on adventures but sometimes it just feels a bit overwhelming and by the end of the week I would rather be curled up sleeping than doing anything else!

On Monday’s post I talked about having crystal healing for the first time and I can honestly say my pain and fatigue have been more manageable since! The pain and fatigue are still there I would be lying if I said wow it is a miracle I am cured because I still have the same issues and illnesses. However, emotionally I feel stronger and more able to deal with things and also my body doesn’t feel quite so much like I am pulling around a dead body you know?

It is definitely something I would recommend but make sure they are someone who knows what they are doing and is a legitimate and qualified. Do your research, Josh who did mine is trained and insured etc and he did such a wonderful job I will definitely be doing this monthly as part of a self care agreement with myself. I just want to keep on top of things and maintain where I am now if not slowly feel a bit better…it is worth a try right?

Wednesday I had past life regression, this has always interested me and I really got a lot out of it, I am excited to look into my other lives and to learn more. I know this is contraversial but I found it very interesting and I loved the whole process, there will be a video about that on my You Tube channel.

Yesterday I went with my husband for the day, I needed to see my physiotherapist and Lee had to go have some professional photographs taken because he is setting up his own business. This is such an inspiring and wonderful time to watch him going for his dreams that he has talked about for a long time and now I am loving seeing him really go for it! Go follow him on Instagram he is an artist with Epilepsy wanting to help others through art so go check him out. *shameless plug*

So we drove to Burton first because that was where my physiotherapy appointment was, but we drove around a few times and had absolutely no luck getting a parking space so we had to call and cancel the appointment which was so annoying! I love seeing my phsyio about my joints and just to chat she is really lovely so now we have to wait for another appointment grrr!

Then we drove on to Nottingham, which is a couple of hours drive from our home to see the photographer that had been recommended to Lee. The studio was amazing, but up a steep set of steps which I found so hard to get up but when you drive so far you have no choice really do you? I have to admit I love photography and it was so interesting watching a professional work, he even gave me some lighting tips for my you tube as well which I loved so much.

But more than that this was a man who had left his regular job and made a living doing what he loves, which is exactly what Lee wants to do. Paul was so interesting to talk to about it all and it was lovely to talk to someone on the same wavelength which unfortunately is rare as most people just follow the get up work for someone else watch tv go bed repeat mentality. He really gave us some great advice and it encouraged Lee and gave him some motivation and pep to think someone who he didn’t know thought he could do this too!

However, after the shoot and a long conversation we realised we had been there almost 4hours! Poor Lee with his own fatigue problems had to drive us a couple hours to get home and though I tried to chat and keep him company I soon fell asleep which I felt awful about, but when it hits you cannot ignore it can you? We went to bed as soon as we got home and my goodness was I happy to be in bed!

Today I am in a lot of pain and so so tired, I am just hoping I have not undone all the good the crystal healing did last week!

Namaste xxx


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