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Exciting weekend!

billyjoel Hi guys!

Wow I had a busy weekend, it started Friday when me, Lee, my dad and his girlfriend Linda went to a shopping center here called Merry Hill…I call it Merry Hell but I am slightly strange lol! I managed to get some Funko pops, and a statue of one of my favourite actors roles from a video game he was in, and some make up brushes from the Body Shop. It was just a really nice day and I really enjoyed myself out with Lee mainly and we just met up with Linda and Dad for lunch.

I was exhausted when we got home and basically after a make up tutorial with Linda and a cup of tea I went to bed. It was a fun day but I didn’t want to get too tired because the next day we headed to Wembley Stadium in London on a coach to see Billy Joel!

Me and Lee are big fans of him and when we met online it was one of the things that we bonded over, and because of that Billy and his music is special to us.

Because both me and Lee struggle with fatigue and I get a lot of pain we had planned to go down for a few days, but plans changed and I won’t go into why but it was not our choice. The coach journey down to London took about 4 hours, no stops I just tried to sleep through it, but I was in pain and so tired I think if I hadn’t had sugar in the form of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and the adrenaline of seeing Billy we would not have made it through!

Billy was amazing live and the best I had seen him, I will do a full review of it tomorrow, but for now I just want to discuss my health and how it affected me. We did not get home until about 4am and it is now Tuesday and I am still in pain and so so tired! I never would have decided to do this in this way, because of my pain and my illness as well as the fact that Wembley had hardly any vegetarian choices! I am sorry but the venue considering it is Wembley looks like a prison inside and is horrible! The food there is pure junk and not nice at all, the veggie burger I managed to find was so hard to eat…basically no sleep, lots of travel and no food? It ruined what was an incredible concert but I shall talk about that tomorrow!

Right now I need to make dinner and take more meds…my life is ruled by tablets lol

Namaste xxx

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