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Shameless addiction

408_4_0_01_480x270 Hi guys! Sorry I am a day late, been a busy week and I was too tired to do anything yesterday except watch Shameless US and lay in bed!

When I say busy I had like one thing to do a day but anyone with chronic fatigue knows that it will catch up with you so yesterday I just lay like a fish and watched Shameless which has become a bit of an addiction to be honest!

Thankfully my dog Gizmo is all fully recovered from his operation and then infection and he is back to his normal self! He is such a lovely dog and so caring he keeps me feeling so safe and loved. He rests with me when I am struggling and hes so loyal I love him so much!

The day before yesterday after taking him to the vets I needed to get some bits from the supermarket, now because we had the dog Linda (My dad’s girlfriend) couldn’t go inside with me…so I had to go alone! It was terrifying and there was a couple of times I almost had a panic attack, but I managed to get around because of having a list and knowing what I needed. It so helped to know what to concentrate on and having a trolley meant I could hold on to that to help me walk.

I was exhausted when I got home, but I did it I managed to do a small shop on my own and thankfully with Linda and doggy waiting for me I didn’t have a complete melt down or a major anxiety attack! I was so worried I would fall or have a total anxiety overload but I am so proud of myself for fighting through. I don’t think it is something I could do regularly but it is nice to know it is possible if needed.

I have lost so much of myself to my illnesses, I used to walk a lot on my own and go out a lot and now I am more or less a hermit who has lost the majority of her friends. However the things I have gained are so much more positive and I want to always be positive and see the good!

Hope you all have a good week namaste xx

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  • Lisa McCamley

    A great achievement lv . I still don’t go anywhere alone but mypanic attacks have eased after CBT . They just sprung on me 5 months ago so still learning about them so your blog gives me hope that all will be OK . so thankyou for that Beverley xxx

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