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I had crystal healing for the first time

I had crystal healing for the first time

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Hey everyone!

It is true I love alternative therapies and finding new ways of treating my chronic illnesses. So I thought I would try Crystal Healing it is something I have only just heard about but my friend does it so no time like the present!

Recently I have had a lot of pain, I had a bout of gastritis and I have a very low blood count at the moment probably because of it. So I have found myself struggling to do things and get things done, which I have to admit is so frustrating at times, but haven’t we all been there before as chronic illness warriors?

And for a while I was not thinking too straight about it, but I had this voice inside me screaming ask Josh for healing! I even pulled the healing card from my oracle deck three days in a row, so I just felt like I needed to listen to my intuition and so I asked for some healing.

To be honest I was not expecting too much, not that I didn’t trust my friend Josh, but more that the nurse in me is still a little sceptical.  But I went I put my full trust into my friend who was trained by the same teacher I go to Lynda.

I felt nervous, but I am so glad I went for it because after a day of recovery after having the therapy I have been feeling really good. My pain has been a lot less than it was before and that is such a lovely relief especially as I am now starting iron tablets to help my blood count. Fatigue or pain I can cope with but I don’t know about you when they team up it is the worst!

I am so thankful that I listened to my inner voice, it is something I have been working on for a while now and I am so proud of myself for listening. This is something that means a lot to me and I want to definitely keep working on it as I move through my spiritual path, but most of all I am extremely thankful that my friend was the one to do the treatment because it helped me to relax. I often struggle with that because of my anxiety but I was able to let him take over and trust that it was going to work out, and it did! I would most definitely recommend crystal healing and reiki to anyone struggling with their health, it isn’t a cure but it helps and isn’t that a wonderful thing?

Below is my video where I go into more detail about the treatment itself and what happened, so I hope you will check that out and maybe subscribe I would love to get to 500 subscribers.

Don’t forget to check out Josh’s site and if you are in the area I hope you will book a treatment

Namaste xxx

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