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Am I in a flare?

Am I in a flare
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So if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I have had a busy couple of weeks! I went to a weekend convention to meet some of my favourite Once Upon a Time actors, and then the following weekend we went to London to see Billy Joel in concert. I thought I had rested enough and been careful but then this week I have been asking myself…Am I in a flare?

While I was at the convention I woke one morning with a lot of pain in my lower back like I had pulled something or trapped something. I have been treating it with heat ever since however it is still very painful especially when I lean forwards.

Then the day before yesterday I woke with a lot of pain in my left lower leg, especially in my foot. The pain is constant and moves around, I noticed increased numbing as well which is what happened when I got sick all those years ago.

I am starting to think planning things a week apart was not enough of a gap and though I rested lots am I in a flare?

What is a flare?

Flare: 1. an exacerbation of a chronic disease. Sometimes referred to as a flare-up, a flare occurs when symptoms of a disease that has been present for a time suddenly worsen. A flare is a transient worsening in severity of a disease or condition that eventually subsides or lessens. For example, in many arthritis conditions the joints can flare with worsening of stiffness, pain, and swelling.

I know I have given tips and tricks before of how to avoid trips and days out causing a flare. However, the truth is that when you have chronic illnesses you simply never know when a flare is going to be triggered. It is a balancing act and sometimes risking a flare is worth the fun of getting out of the house and enjoying yourself.

Namaste xxx

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