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Pain and depression

headache Hey there everyone!

First of all I am really sorry for not updating as regularly or consistently, my reasons can be explained with two words…Pain and Depression.

One of the few things that keeps me grounded and makes me happy is yoga, I love it but over this year it has become harder to practice. I am having a lot of pain in my back and shoulders as well as crunching and knocking sounds when I move. The pain feels like I have been kicked in the middle of my back and radiates up and over my shoulders. I know it is fibromyalgia pain, but my doctors do not seem to care and that is leading to…

Depression…yep that old puppy is back and really not helped by constant headaches and stomach pain! I have still not received any results from the hospital blood test I had to see if I had celiacs over a month ago! I went to the doctor for my back pain and he did not change my meds or do anything and I asked two different doctors to chase up my results and still nothing!

The only good thing is my doctor did increase my antidepressant so I cannot wait until that kicks in! Anyway other than that there has not been much else going on, autumn has finally started my favourite time of year and I feel like a bear hibernating because I am in so much pain…

Hopefully next week will be better

Namaste xx

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